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Preferred eFiling at a discount in partnership with the Austin Bar Association.

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The InfoTrack advantage


Faster filing and serving

Filing information pre-fills from your compatible case management system. Add a process serve in seconds and automatically file the proof-of-service upon completion.​


Better case organization

Documents can be selected directly from the matter record in your CMS, and court-endorsed copies sync to your matter as soon as they're available.


Auto-expense filing costs

All court filing expenses are recorded in your CMS as they happen. Purely transactional pricing makes it easy to bill 100% of the cost to your client.

File directly from your matter in:

Texas services provided


Court filing

Electronic filing available in all trial courts. File straight from your case management system to pre-populate case information, or ad-hoc from your InfoTrack account.


Process serving (ServeIT)

Order and track serves from any process server. ServeIT’s ‘File-Serve-File’ technology automatically generates and files the affidavit of service and expense of all costs.

eSignatures (SignIT)

Add SignIT integration—powered by DocuSign—to mark and distribute documents for electronic signature without paying a costly subscription.

Court searching

Search federal and bankruptcy courts in all 50 U.S. states, track docket updates and receive real-time alerts on any new court activity.


Rules-based calendaring

Quickly add jurisdiction-specific events to your calendar, and associate them with a specific case and matter via our integration with LawToolBox.


Live customer support

Speak to an expert in minutes via phone or email, available beyond business hours. Access online how-to articles, comprehensive training guides and intro videos, 24/7.

Special discounted pricing for Austin Bar Association members

Zero setup or subscription fees.

Discounts available for eFiling, physical court filing, and service of process.

Electronic court filing

eFile and eServe in any Texas court with our easy-to-use court eFiling workflow.


per eFiling envelope

Includes multiple documents up to 35 MB.

Service of process

Order from your favorite local process servers. Includes pre-populated affidavit.

Starting at


per serve

Additional fees may apply for rush service, holidays, or geographic location.

Electronic signatures

Mark, distribute, and collect signatures on documents electronically.


per envelope

Unlimited signatures and user seats. Documents sync to your CMS automatically.

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