1099-S filing integration for Easysoft users

Quickly and seamlessly file 1099-S forms and conduct property research from Easysoft by activating the InfoTrack integration.


Faster 1099-S filing

Submit critical 1099-S filings throughout the year after each closing or quickly file at once before the deadline.


Access to property reports

Easily request property reports and see at-a-glance details such as APN/Tax ID numbers, open liens, owner encumberances, and more.


Reduced data entry

Leverage existing data within your Easysoft account to speed up the form submission process.

How it works

Integrating your Easysoft real estate software with InfoTrack instantly gives you key benefits to improve your real estate transaction processes. Run a title search directly from your matter, submit 1099-S forms immediately after closings, and keep track of your submissions all year round.


Start a title search or 1099-S filing from within Easysoft


Automatically pre-fill saved Easysoft data into information fields


Access submission reports to track all submissions for the year

Let's simplify your litigation process today.