Real Estate Software

Easysoft is a leading online software for commercial and residential real estate closings. For over 30 years, it has helped attorneys and title agents automate their processes and streamline repetitive tasks.

InfoTrack integrates seamlessly with Easysoft, allowing users to quickly file 1099-S forms and conduct property research via our title searching service.

How it works

InfoTrack's services can be accessed by clicking on the 1099-S option or the Title Search option.

Information automatically pre-populates from Easysoft into search fields.

 Access your submissions report to track all 1099-S submissions for the year.

Key Benefits


Quick and simple 1099-S filing, which can be done throughout the year after each closing.


Easy access to property reports.


Pre-populated form fields, meaning no double data entry.


 Easy tracking of filing submissions through the submissions report.


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