eFiling integration for LEAP users



Integrating your LEAP law practice management software with InfoTrack allows you to build and sign forms, eFile cases, and automatically track related documents and expenses in one place.

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Key benefits


Faster eFiling

Select documents directly from your LEAP matter, lowering the risk of a mistake. Information saved in LEAP is conveniently pre-filled during the eFiling process.


Simpler document management

File-stamped documents are automatically synced back to LEAP when the court clerk releases them, so you don't have to download and archive them manually. Add DocketSync to automatically sync new parties and case details as well.


Automatic expensing

All court filing expenses are automatically returned to LEAP in real time, where they can be easily passed through to your clients.


How it works

Choose the documents you want to file

Select documents directly from your LEAP matter for eFiling or eSignatures, reducing the risk of mistakes. Information automatically maps from LEAP into corresponding filing fields.

LEAP document select

Automatically receive file-stamped copies

As soon as file-stamped copies are released by the court, the documents are automatically saved back to your LEAP matter so you don't have to retrieve them.

LEAP document sync

Filing expenses are updated in LEAP

Expense recoveries are automatically captured on the Operating Account tab in LEAP, and appear immediately on your invoices. All the accounting work is done automatically.

LEAP expenses


Get started

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