Sync, organize and track documents from the court docket to your practice management system


Reduce repetitive tasks

Tired of downloading, renaming and cataloging the documents from your case? DocketSync automates this workflow within your matter and integrates with your billing software.


Keep your matters updated

As new documents are filed into your case, DocketSync will automatically download them to a dedicated folder in your matter.


Be first to know about docket changes

Subscribed users receive a daily email summary of how many new documents were synced to each matter they are following.

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How it works


Subscribe to docket updates

Activate DocketSync on any matter, and watch documents automatically sync from the docket to labeled folders in your integrated legal software.

DocketSync folder


Receive email summaries of new activity

Every day, you’ll get an emailed summary of how many new case documents were synced to the matters you’ve subscribed to.

DocketSync daily activity emails


Enjoy up-to-date matters with no extra effort

Open the related matter in your integrated legal software and review the latest documents posted to the public docket.

DocketSync documents

Where can I use DocketSync?

DocketSync is currently available for civil case dockets in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey, and New York. 

Additional states coming soon.

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New York


*Clio Manage, LEAP, MyCase, and Smokeball users only. Not available in all counties.

Simple, affordable pricing

Sync docket updates

Case documents added to the public docket sync to your matter for the duration of your case.


per case, per month

Fee waived if there are no updates in the last monthly pay period.

How much billable time can you recover with DocketSync?

200 documents
7 minutes
$ 100 / hour

Let's simplify your litigation process today.