eFiling integration for Smokeball users



By integrating your Smokeball law practice management software with InfoTrack, you can build and sign forms, eFile cases and automatically track related documents and expenses in one place.

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Key benefits


Faster court filing

Form fields are pre-filled with data from your Smokeball matter, saving time and reducing the risk of mistakes during the eFiling process.


Real-time expense recovery

Never write off missed expenses again. InfoTrack updates all filing and search fees as soon as they are incurred, and can bill them to your clients automatically.


Easier document management

Choose documents to be filed directly from your Smokeball matter. File-stamped copies automatically return to your matter when issued by the court.


How it works

Choose the documents you want to file

Select documents directly from your Smokeball matter for eFiling or eSignatures, reducing the risk of mistakes. Information automatically maps from Smokeball into corresponding filing fields.

Automatically receive file-stamped copies

As soon as conformed copies are issued by the court, the stamped documents are automatically saved back to your Smokeball matter so you don't have to retrieve them.

Filing expenses are updated in Smokeball

Cost recoveries are automatically captured on the expense entries in Smokeball, and appear immediately on your invoices. All the accounting work is done automatically.


What customers say

"A filing that used to take around 15 minutes can be done in less than five. [InfoTrack] is worth every penny and more."

Ben Trotter
Founding Partner

Debt Legal Defense


"[InfoTrack provides] a more accurate way to keep track of fees associated with filing documents, which allows us to focus on our day-to-day billing."

Ileana Cano 
Office Manager

Antonietti Law


 "The technology is very intuitive, even for a dinosaur such as myself... I quickly became comfortable with InfoTrack and never looked back."

Mark P. Loftus
Managing Partner

Law Offices of Mark P. Loftus



Get started

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