1099-S filing

Report real estate sales electronically, with pre-filled information and calculations.


Instant eFiling

Don't wait until deadlines loom. File your 1099-S online at the time of closing and make tax season less stressful.

Greater accuracy

Information pre-populates from your real estate software to make filing faster, easier and more accurate.


Save on mailing costs

Use electronic signatures for a completely paperless process that eliminate printing, mailing and scanning.

Key features

Green process

Reduce paper trails and save on postage, printing and paper.


Premium service

Once filed we will take care of the rest; including notifying recipients.

Automatic notification

Check the status of your filing online at any time. You will also receive an email notification once the substitute form has been signed and is ready for filing.


Seamless integration

If your case management system integrates with InfoTrack, the transaction and seller information automatically pre-populate into the required fields.


Easy filing

We ensure complete accuracy and efficiency with pre-populated data fields, one-click submission, and instant confirmation.


Secure electronic signing

Completely secure signing process via DocuSign. Tracked by the latest technology with an audit trail report provided post-transaction.

2021 tax year deadlines

Standard timelines for 1099-S orders for the 2021 tax season are listed below. 

January 31, 2022
All 1099-S forms for 2021 closings must be submitted to InfoTrack.
Early February
Copies of forms are mailed to sellers by InfoTrack on your behalf.
Forms are received by sellers.
February 28, 2022
Corrections and late filings may be made, however you (the filer) are responsible to furnish the seller a copy of the form.
Early March
1099-S forms are submitted to the IRS by InfoTrack. Any subsequent corrections may incur a late fee.

Ready for a simpler way to file your 1099-S forms?