Electronic signatures

SignIT is a pay-per-use digital signature solution that integrates with your law practice management system.

SignIT screenshot

Digitally sign documents from:


Easier than a pen and paper

Point and click on your document to add as many signature locations as needed, then add your recipients’ email addresses.


Essential to the remote office

No need for printing, scanning, postage or in-person visits. Documents are sent and tracked via secure, encrypted email links.


Faster document execution

See who hasn’t signed and issue automatic reminders. Parties instantly receive copies when a document is executed.

How it works


Distribute a document for signing via secure email link. Parties can review and sign online from any device.


Track who’s signed, and set automatic reminders for parties that haven’t.


Send final copies to all parties, and get notified when they are viewed.

SignIT on laptop

SignIT vs. other eSignature solutions

Using the SignIT workflow with your case management system provides several benefits not available in stand-alone eSignature software.

Stand-alone subscription services
InfoTrack SignIT integration
~$360-480 per year (Pro plans)
$3 per transaction
Limited number of signatures
Unlimited signatures
Limited number of seats
Unlimited seats
Subscription must be absorbed by firm
All transaction fees logged to your matter for easy pass-through
Returned documents must be catalogued manually
Completed documents sync to your matter automatically

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