Integrated eFiling and Process Serving for iManage users

Place court filing, process serving, and eSignature orders online, and get returned documents synced back to iManage automatically.


Faster filing and serving

Sign and file documents in many of America's busiest courts directly from your iManage workspace, and serve them nationwide via your preferred process server.


Better case organization

File-stamped documents automatically return to your iManage workspace as soon as they're released by the clerk, so you don't have to retrieve them.


Simpler cash flow

InfoTrack pays court filing, convenience and service fees up-front on your behalf. Your firm receives one simple, monthly invoice.

Additional order types

Electronic signatures

Add SignIT integration—powered by DocuSign—to mark and distribute documents for electronic signature without paying a costly subscription.


Rules-based calendaring

Quickly add jurisdiction-specific events to your calendar, and associate them with a specific case and matter via our integration with LawToolBox.

Court searching

Search federal and bankruptcy courts in all 50 U.S. states, track docket updates and receive real-time alerts on any new court activity.

Choose documents for each order directly from your iManage matter, or upload from your computer. Documents are converted to court-acceptable PDF automatically.

How it works


Choose documents for your order

Select documents for filing, serving or signatures directly from your iManage workspace, simplifying your case organization and reducing your risk of making a costly mistake.

iManage document selection


Automatically receive file-stamped copies

When file-stamped copies are issued by the court, they automatically sync back to a special folder in your iManage workspace so you don’t have to retrieve and upload them.

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