Our team

InfoTrack’s senior leadership team brings together legal, technology, and service expertise from around the globe.

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Stephen Wood

Chairman (ATI Global)
Stephen leads the growth and global expansion of the InfoTrack group of companies. First as CEO, and currently as chairman, Stephen has a record of scaling up InfoTrack into a global brand.

Ed Watts

Chief Executive
Ed's passion is developing innovative market-leading products and bespoke solutions. At InfoTrack, Ed plays an integral part in product development, from concept to implementation.

Sebastian Mill

Chief Technology Officer
Overseeing InfoTrack’s technology and innovation, Sebastian is a passionate legal technologist who is focused on introducing tools and processes to serve clients faster and more efficiently. 

Okan Kender

Chief Financial Officer
Okan has 20 years of experience across corporate finance, investment banking and in-house strategic Finance functions. He previously lead Corporate Development for the ATI Global group of legal tech companies.

Kelsey Griffis

Vice President of People & Culture
Kelsey leads our overall People & Culture strategy to support our business goals and initiatives as well as the needs and aspirations of our greatest asset, our employees!

Jim Cabral

Vice President of Court Relations
Jim has worked with courts and their justice partners for over 20 years, helping them solve their technology and integration challenges. He is an evangelist for open standards and markets.

Dan Lear

Vice President of Partnerships
Dan is a lawyer and legal tech advocate who connects with practice management software to create client-focused enhancements. His background is in legal fintech legal, business relations, and technology law.

Lindsey Dean

Director of Marketing
Lindsey leads marketing and strategic growth at InfoTrack. Whether writing, researching, or presenting, she explores and shares concepts and information in accessible and actionable ways.

Bec Connell

Director of Customer Operations and Strategic Initiatives
As head of client support and special projects, Bec focuses on turning real client feedback into meaningful, actionable innovation, finding innovative ways to improve our clients' working processes.

Josh Somma

Director of Product
Josh has spent years combining product, technology, design and data to formulate innovative and seamless products for clients. He empathizes with, understands, and builds relationships cross-functionally to ensure the best result is delivered.

Karolina Sikorska

Sales Manager
Karolina inspires her team towards unified goals by uncovering new business opportunities, employing creative sales initiatives, and building trust-forward relationships to ensure a positive client experience.