InfoTrack Impact

Technology and resources aimed at doing better, doing more, doing good.

Our focus

Our mission for this program is to help legal nonprofits do more good with more resources. We donate our products and services through community-informed partnerships and provide funding to our nonprofit partners.

Better business practices

InfoTrack’s innovative solutions have improved connections between courts and legal professionals for decades. Nowhere is the importance of efficiency and need to reduce antiquated paper processes more critical than for organizations fighting for better access to justice.

Sharing legal technology

Through our Community Partnership Program, nonprofits gain access to critical legal support products and services at a reduced cost. With the help of important legal technology, we help reduce the cost barriers nonprofits face in the pursuit of justice. Apply now>

Funding access to justice

In addition to sharing resources, InfoTrack is committed to supporting the work of legal nonprofits through monetary donations towards the unique initiatives and programs that each is focused on at any given time. Partner nonprofits are eligible to apply for annual grants and other funding opportunities.

Ready to learn more?

Find out if you are eligible to become part of our nonprofit program and start accessing critical services at a discount.