Our complete case initiation workflow is the most efficient way to file, serve, and post service verification to state courts in the U.S.

InfoTrack's File-Serve-File workflow for case initiations

Launch orders from:


Faster filing and serving

InfoTrack takes the manual work out of filing and serving a case by harnessing data from previous orders and your primary legal software.


Automatic document management

Documents are chosen directly from your primary legal software and associated with a matter. Stamped and served copies sync back automatically.


No additional transaction fees

Our integration-driven automation features accomplish half the work of filing and serving case documents for the same cost as doing it yourself.

How it works


File from your primary legal software

Choose documents directly from any matter in your primary legal software and file them to the court in seconds.

InfoTrack's 'File-Serve-File' workflow


Add service of process in seconds

Data from your primary legal software and court filing order pre-fills your process serve orders. Court-stamped documents sync to each order for easy approval.


InfoTrack creates and files the proof

A valid proof-of-service document is automatically generated and filed with the court once your documents are served, and all expenses are recorded to your matter.

Plus, unbeatable features

All expenses tracked

InfoTrack integrates with popular practice management system to automatically record expense entries for every order. Simply generate an invoice to recoup 100% of your expenses.

Nationwide coverage

InfoTrack users can order process service anywhere in the U.S. and file into America's busiest state courts—including California courts that don't have an eFiling system.

Frequent status updates

Add service details, review notes for every service attempt, and send messages to your server. When the serve is complete, you'll be notified online and by email.

Expert customer support

Get assistance in minutes via phone or email, available for extended hours. Access how-to articles, comprehensive training guides and intro videos on-demand.

Supercharge your litigation work today.