UCC searching

We simplify the process of corporate searches, including Uniform Commercial Code (UCC), UCC Summary Reports, UCC Secured Party Searches, Articles of Incorporation, Corporate Annual Reports and more.​


Fast, convenient search

Perform all requisite searches with the Secretary of State’s office, and get online status updates when your results are ready. Immediate search results for some states.

Expansive coverage

Perform Secretary of State searches in all 50 states, with the ability to search multiple states simultaneously.​


Easy expensing​

One consolidated bill means no need to open an account in each jurisdiction. All expenses incurred are tracked and returned, simplifying the reconciliation process.

Additional services provided


UCC filing

File your UCC-1 financing statement digitally from the Secretary of State tab in your InfoTrack account. The form is simple, intuitive and will be filed with the Secretary of State's office by InfoTrack as soon as you click submit.


Integrated searching and filing

If your case management system integrates with InfoTrack, the process for UCC searches and filings is even simpler. Just select the applicable matter(s) and the form will populate on its own.


Legal research services

Our offerings range from Dun & Bradstreet corporate searches to court searching and tracking.


Expedited options

Obtain an expedited Certificate of Good Standing, Certificate of Existence or a Corporate Annual Report.

Let's improve your business processes today.