Attorney property research

InfoTrack has partnered with RedVision to offer numerous mortgage and chain of title-related searches that can be launched from your case management system.​


Faster searching

Text fields for title searches and other reports pre-populate directly from the matter you're working in.


Better case organization

Searches can be launched directly from the relevant matter, and all forms sync back automatically.


Easier reconciliation

Expenses are seamlessly tracked and saved into your matter, significantly simplifying the reconciliation process.

Property search offerings

APN/Tax identification number for subject properties

Bankruptcy name searches through PACER

Open voluntary liens

Open involuntary liens

Delinquent tax information for subject properties

Current tax information on subject properties

Owner encumbrances

Refinance searches

Marriage licenses, divorces, death certificates, and/or probate records needed to complete chain of title

Listing of recorded easements, restrictions, and covenants on subject properties when found during the scope of searching

Ready for a simpler way to do your property searches?