Working for InfoTrack

Company values

Our four values are front and center to everything we do.

Every product we produce, every service we provide, and every employee behavior provides evidence and validates those values.


We place the highest priority on genuinely caring about our staff, and ensuring our culture of excellence is maintained.


We strive to give our best every single minute of every day. We are an elite team that will stop at nothing to service excellence to our audiences.


We’re determined to meet the high expectations set for us to outperform the competition and stay at the top of our industry.



We’re only great if our clients say we are. They are at the heart of every decision we make. If it doesn’t benefit our clients, we don’t do it.

How we show them


Transparency in vision is important to us, so we have monthly town halls, daily progress updates, and an open door policy.

Employee perks

Gain life and disability insurance, a 401(k), including employer match, and access to an Employee Assistance Program.

Learning opportunities

A strong internal training culture and the opportunity to learn and hone new skills to develop your career.

Work/life balance

Four weeks of paid time off, 11 paid holidays, and flexible schedules so you can balance work with other priorities.

Growth mindset

We are in an exciting place of rapid growth and team members have the opportunity to shape the future of our company and create a career trajectory.

Wellness benefits

A range of health plans and providers to choose from, such as Kaiser Permanente and Aetna, plus additional benefits including dental and vision.

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