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How to thoroughly check for conflicts of interest

Are you doing enough to check for conflicts of interest before you take a new client? Here are some tried and true tips to make sure you don’t miss anything important.


Does your law firm offer psychological safety?

Psychological safety lowers stress in the workplace, but that’s only the beginning. Find out how your safe workplace makes your law firm more likely to grow and succeed.


Top automation hacks for paralegals

Paralegals have a lot on their plates. These handy automation tips can help cut down on busy work so you can get things done more easily.


Tips for managing a hybrid law firm

Managing a hybrid law firm presents challenges that don’t exist in fully remote or fully in-person settings. Here are some strategies to help your hybrid firm flourish.


How your back office technology affects your client experience

Your clients don’t know or care what kind of software you use, but your technology choices have a big impact on the client experience. Here’s how your back-office tools have a direct impact on your clients’ satisfaction.


How to create your law firm’s AI policy

Whether your firm is ready to embrace AI fully or you want to be cautious about adopting controversial tools, creating an AI policy for your law firm will keep everyone on the same page.

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Top legal conferences to attend in 2024

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