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mental health warning signs that no legal professional should ignore

Mental health warning signs that legal professionals should not ignore

As a legal professional, stress is just part of the job. However, there’s a line between normal stress and dangerous health conditions. If you’re seeing any of these mental health warning signs in yourself or others, it’s time to take action.

how to work with legal clients who google everything

How to work with clients who Google everything

So, your legal client gets just as much advice from Google as they do from you. How do you deal? Here are some strategies to manage the client that Googles everything.

how to build in meditation practice at work in a law office
Just for fun

Your complete guide to in-office meditation

Legal work is stressful. Learn to practice meditation in the office to lower your stress levels, boost your mood, and even make your other coworkers more calm.

as a small law firm, what do you do when clients don't pay?

What to do when a legal client doesn’t pay you

As a smaller law firm, you can’t afford to work for free. What do you do when your legal client doesn’t pay you as agreed? Here are some solutions.

burnout in the legal profession

Legal professional burnout and how to bounce back

Legal professional burnout is a lot more serious than stress alone. Are you or your coworkers suffering from this serious medical condition? Learn to spot the signs and take action to heal from burnout.

smartphone skills for legal professionals

Smartphone skills for legal professionals

Smartphones are everywhere, and it’s wise for those in the legal industry to learn to use them effectively. Explore these top 5 smartphone skills for legal professionals.

Should law firms have in-house therapists?

Should law firms have in-house therapists?

Mental health challenges plague the legal industry. Should law firms have in-house therapists on staff to address those mental health concerns? Let’s talk about the pros and cons.

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