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Why the mental health crisis in law isn’t going away

We’ve been discussing the legal industry mental health crisis for years. Why isn’t it improving? Let’s take a close look at mental health initiatives and what can still be done.

Professional growth

Fixing problems in your attorney-paralegal relationship

Is there some stress in your attorney-paralegal relationship? No matter which side you’re on, there are things you can do to improve that connection. Here’s how to fix the most common problems that arise between paralegals and attorneys.

Just for fun

Mindful summer workouts for busy legal professionals

Having trouble finding balance between your busy legal career and your health and fitness goals? Try these mindful workout tips to help you de-stress and find your center this summer.


How to put a nervous client at ease

An anxious legal client doesn’t always make the best decisions. Learn to put a nervous client at ease so you can work together effectively.

Professional growth

How to survive a law firm layoff

With headlines everywhere announcing more big law layoffs, it’s natural to feel a little anxiety. Here’s a guide to surviving a law firm layoff to help you prepare and put your mind at ease.

mental health warning signs that no legal professional should ignore

Mental health warning signs that legal professionals should not ignore

As a legal professional, stress is just part of the job. However, there’s a line between normal stress and dangerous health conditions. If you’re seeing any of these mental health warning signs in yourself or others, it’s time to take action.

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