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Today I learned: 7 timesaving features every MyCase law firm should know

If you use MyCase, you need to know about these lesser-known features. According to Lindsay Bushong, Manager of Sales Engineering from MyCase, too many users miss out on built-in functionality that can do all these things:

  • Enhance workflows
  • Reduce time wasted on repetitive tasks
  • Ensure accuracy
  • Increase profitability


Lindsay says:

“A lot of folks get really excited when they see they have these features they’ve never used before, and it’s nice because we can really help with the financial wellness of a firm.”

She adds that MyCase users who remain unaware of time-saving features face compliance risks that can jeopardize their license as well as financial losses from unbilled hours, unreconciled payments, and worst of all, disgruntled clients.

Here are the top MyCase features and integrations that Bushong recommends for legal professionals looking to boost productivity and enhance strategy at their firm.

#1. Track billable hours instantly with Smart Time Finder

Legal professionals who log their billable hours manually know the great irony of this task. How much time do you spend logging your time?

Smart Time Finder empowers legal professionals with MyCase to track time in the background while performing different actions on a specific legal matter.

You write your emails, attend meetings, and make your calls as usual. Smart Time Finder instantly records an audit log of each activity you perform on your clients’ behalf. Instead of playing catch-up at the end of the day, you can just review the log.

“At the end of the day, they will get an in-app alert to take a look at the Smart Time Finder, and it’s going to show them everything they did,” Bushong says. “It only takes a couple of minutes to do, then you click save to have a detailed time entry, which you can later review within each case file as well.”

MyCase’s integration with other services, including Outlook and Google, gives you the same time tracking automation while performing tasks outside of your case management system.

#2. Make fund reconciliation a breeze with LawPay

Batch Billing with LawPay provides MyCase users with a bird’s eye view of all cases that carry an open balance. This feature can apply trust funds over multiple invoices at once.

LawPay generates invoices with multiple payment options. For each invoice, you get a unique, secure link where clients can make payments online.

“That’s nice because the workflows are seamless,” Bushong says, “and it just saves billing specialists a ton of time.”

With Batch Billing, legal professionals can also batch-apply their clients’ trust balances, pulling funds and automatically marking each invoice as paid from trust.

#3. eFile court documents 3X faster with InfoTrack

Without InfoTrack, eFiling looks like this: you download documents from your case, format them, go through the state’s web portal, wait for conformed copies, then upload everything back into MyCase.

With InfoTrack, you can eFile directly from your MyCase case. Simply select the documents you want to file — InfoTrack will format them for you — and when your filing is accepted, the stamped copies are automatically added to your case file.

The eFiling process is about 3 times faster with InfoTrack. If you handle a lot of filings every week, those saved minutes add up.

This feature tracks your filing expenses and automatically records them to the correct case, too.

#4. Generate court documents automatically with Document Automation

The perfect complement to the InfoTrack integration, Document Automation gives you a library of handy templates. These templates generate court documents automatically by populating forms with client data.

Document Automation is a real game changer because you can batch your work, generating PDFs or Word files for multiple court documents and forms at the same time.

“You can do as many as you want and tie them to specific roles or specific data in MyCase,” Bushong says.

#5. Eliminate the tedium of reading court documents with MyCase IQ

Reading legal documents can be a byzantine and often time-consuming process.

MyCase IQ scans court documents and automatically summarizes them into overviews you can read in minutes instead of hours. You’ll get a quick summary, categorization, dispute resolution, important dates, and more.

#6. Limit malpractice risks with integrated accounting

Accurate accounting is non-negotiable.

Simple mistakes with your firm’s financial records can mean lost revenue, fines and fees, or malpractice risk. More serious errors can lead to temporary or even permanent disbarment.

“It’s so critical,” Bushong says. “You could lose your entire practice if you aren’t keeping track.”

To mitigate the risk, MyCase offers Integrated Billing, a bookkeeping solution more attuned to the needs of legal professionals over standard options like QuickBooks.

Integrated Accounting generates invoices and records payments, time entries, and expenses onto a client ledger based on the legal requirements of the courts.

#7. Automate your marketing and client intake with Lead Management.

Between 2017 and 2021, law firms spent an estimated $6.8 billion on more than 77 million advertisements. Trial lawyers spent $1.4 billion in 2021 alone.

It’s no surprise that law firm advertising can be a major expense. This poses a significant challenge for those who have no way of monitoring the impact of marketing spend on client intake.

MyCase addresses this issue with Lead Management, a highly customizable dashboard tool that logs the cost of marketing expenses across various media formats with the end goal of tracking the leads each one generates for a firm.

Aside from scoring the overall profitability of marketing efforts, Lead Management streamlines all aspects of the legal customer journey, from a lead or referral to a consultation to accepting a retainer before converting them into clients.

Get more done with free resources from MyCase and InfoTrack

From downloadable guides and resources to online training videos, MyCase offers entire libraries of content dedicated to helping legal professionals better manage their practices.

Law firms who are currently in the market for a case management system might also want to read a helpful product overview.

And if you are a MyCase user who wants to spend less time with repetitive tasks like eFiling and service of process, here’s a quick snapshot of how InfoTrack’s integration with MyCase boosts the efficiency of law firms.

Want a closer look at InfoTrack? Schedule a time to meet one-on-one with an InfoTrack expert. They’ll give you a custom tour.

About Lindsay Bushong

Lindsay Bushong brings over 8 years of dedicated expertise in legal technology and software, cultivating a versatile skill set through collaboration with diverse legal professionals. Her journey spans customer support, training, and solution engineering, affording her a holistic understanding of the intersection between law and technology.

Lindsay excels in guiding attorneys to leverage cutting-edge tools, empowering them to unlock their full potential. Her passion lies in facilitating seamless integration of technology into legal practices, ensuring attorneys can navigate the digital landscape with efficiency and excellence.


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