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Jennifer Anderson


Matter management for law firms 101

For law firms, good matter management can be the difference between a firm that keeps growing or one that always struggles to keep up. Most

Professional growth

How your law firm can leverage online reviews

Online reviews are great for law firms. Learn how to generate more positive reviews, then leverage those reviews to market your law firm effectively.

Professional growth

Fixing problems in your attorney-paralegal relationship

Is there some stress in your attorney-paralegal relationship? No matter which side you’re on, there are things you can do to improve that connection. Here’s how to fix the most common problems that arise between paralegals and attorneys.


6 Ways to give your attorneys more billable hours

Technology has made us more efficient than ever, but it’s also making it harder to find those all-important billable hours. Here are some tips for law firm leaders to help give your attorneys ethical ways to bill more hours.

Just for fun

Mindful summer workouts for busy legal professionals

Having trouble finding balance between your busy legal career and your health and fitness goals? Try these mindful workout tips to help you de-stress and find your center this summer.

Professional growth

Navigating your first malpractice claim

According to the American Bar Association, 4 out of 5 attorneys will be sued for malpractice at some point in their career. Are you facing your first malpractice claim? Here’s how to proceed.

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