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Jennifer Anderson

laughing coworkers
Just for fun

6 ways to have more fun in your legal support job

Being in legal support is stressful. Here are some strategies to lower your stress levels and have more fun at work, even if your law firm isn’t exactly the most fun-loving work environment.

inclusive alternatives to office happy hour
Professional growth

5 inclusive ways to replace happy hours

Happy hours are fun…for some people. For others, the traditional happy hour is less than ideal. How do you make sure that everyone at your firm can socialize and enjoy? Let’s explore some great happy hour alternatives that everyone will love.

Tips to help you make partner or get promoted at your law firm
Professional growth

Top tips for making partner or getting promoted

Are you on the partnership track at your firm? Here are some of the top tips to help you land that big promotion and make partner as quickly as possible.

you have a duty of technological competence, but what does that mean?
Professional growth

A lawyer’s duty of technological competence

All states require attorneys to be technologically competent…but what does that even mean? Learn the practical meaning of tech competence and how you and your firm should adapt.

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