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Jennifer Anderson

unauthorized practice of law violations
Professional growth

Keeping your firm safe from UPL charges

If you’ve worked in and around the legal industry for any length of time, you’ve at least heard of UPL, the “Unauthorized Practice of Law.”

new law firm job
Professional growth

How to thrive in your new law firm job

Congratulations on your new law firm job! In the days leading up to your start date, here’s what you should do to set yourself up for success.

how to deal with difficult legal clients. image: a man in professional clothing yelling angrily into an old-fashioned telephone
Professional growth

The difficult legal client survival guide

At some point in your career, you will deal with a difficult legal client. Here’s your survival guide to protect yourself and your firm while you do your job.

everything you need to know about California attorney disciplinary proceedings
Professional growth

Understanding attorney disciplinary proceedings in California

Ethics complaints are easy to file. Even if you operate strictly under the letter and spirit of the law, you can find yourself subject to an attorney disciplinary proceeding. Here’s what you need to know in California.

Historical photograph of a secretary to illustrate the need to identify the future of legal secretaries

Redefining the role of legal secretaries

Legal secretaries are a dying breed. In fact, it’s one of the fastest declining professions in the US. It’s time to examine the role of legal secretaries in modern law firms to discover where these founts of legal knowledge are best suited.

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