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Just for fun

6 ways to have more fun in your legal support job

Being in legal support is stressful. Here are some strategies to lower your stress levels and have more fun at work, even if your law firm isn’t exactly the most fun-loving work environment.

Court news & updates

Court and legal news roundup

This week in legal news: a former paralegal was convicted for outing witnesses to her gang member son, a prosecutor accidentally shoots himself in a courthouse, and more.

Court and legal news roundup

This week in legal news: a judge was sanctioned for shackling attorneys in the courtroom, studies show the state of mental health in the legal profession, and more.

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7 productivity tips for paralegals to get more done in less time

Paralegals have a lot to do. When you can’t cram any more work into your day, it’s time to think about productivity tricks that make it easier to get the job done. Plus, these smart tips are the key to lower stress levels at work. It’s a win-win.