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unauthorized practice of law violations
Professional growth

Keeping your firm safe from UPL charges

If you’ve worked in and around the legal industry for any length of time, you’ve at least heard of UPL, the “Unauthorized Practice of Law.” You may think that UPL

NFTs and the law

What you need to know about NFTs and the law

You’re a legal professional, not a blockchain expert. What do you really need to know about NFTs and the law? There’s more overlap than you might expect. Learn the basics here.

Court and legal news weekly roundup

This week in legal news: a judge resigns after a dispute over garden peas, a witch is exonerated, and fabricated evidence leads to a rare judgement of dismissal with prejudice. Read the latest legal news here.

Editor's picks

Law firms in the metaverse: what you need to know

Curious about law firms in the metaverse? As some legal professionals jump in with both virtual feet, others are wondering just what the metaverse is and why it’s so exciting. Let’s explore.

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new law firm job
Professional growth

How to thrive in your new law firm job

Congratulations on your new law firm job! In the days leading up to your start date, here’s what you should do to set yourself up for success.