Faster eFiling, serving, and signatures. Powered by your case data.

InfoTrack integrates with your law practice management software to make daily filing and litigation tasks more efficient.


Fast, accurate court filing

Simplify the flow of data from your practice management system to the court with minimal data entry.


Easy electronic signatures

Customize, send, track, and sync documents to multiple recipients throughout the signature process from your firm's system.


Live support and training

Get assistance with setup or placing an order from your customer support team, available via phone or email.

File court documents from:

How it works

Coverage across major U.S. state courts

We offer electronic court filing in some of the largest state courts in the country, plus physical court filing in California’s busiest courts. 

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Key features

File and serve from your matter

InfoTrack integrates with popular case management systems to allow users to order services without leaving their primary tool.

Automatic expensing of fees

All transactions are recorded in your practice management system, so you can easily bill through 100% of your costs.

Minimal data entry

Important case details are pre-filled from the information already entered into your practice management system.

Court-returned document syncing

Filed-endorsed copies are returned to your matter and automatically saved to your case.

Let's simplify your litigation process today.