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Tips for eFiling in DuPage County

On July 1, 2019, DuPage County will be part of the unified Illinois electronic filing platform. With DuPage County coming live onto the unified eFiling system, all 102 counties will now be using the same eFiling system and every person in Illinois can use a single platform for all of their eFiling needs.  Here are a few tips for eFiling in DuPage County.

Using your DuPage County attorney code

If you’ve filed in Cook County, you’re already familiar with using a county specific attorney/firm code. Similarly, DuPage County requires you to use an attorney code when you eFile.  If you need to request an attorney code, download DuPage County Attorney Information Sheet form 2377

With InfoTrack, we eliminate the hassle of entering the attorney code every time by automatically populating your information every time you file.

DuPage County case number format

When eFiling in DuPage, you don’t have to worry about case number formatting. Unlike Cook County’s specific formats, you can use any format, such as 2019CH123456, 19CH12, 2019CH12 or other format and the system will be able to find your case. Case numbers are not case sensitive or format specific.

How to obtain return or motion dates in DuPage County

Most importantly, DuPage County does not allow you to obtain a date on case initiations. Because cases are randomly assigned to courtrooms, the clerk is unable to determine a date until the case is assigned.

Once your case has a case number and courtroom, you can use the Court Date Availability Calendar to look-up dates for your return date or motion date.

To obtain your date, follow these steps:

  • Go to and click on Court Date Availability Calendar.
  • Follow the directions to enter your case number or courtroom and case type
  • Select either Return or Motion date and click on Search Availability
  • The calendar will then provide you possible dates, and the availability. Be aware that your date is not reserved until th filing is accepted. Thus, if you see low availability for your desired date, you may want to select a date with greater availability to ensure you obtain that date.

Exhibit cover sheets: Do you need them?

According to DuPage County Local Rule 5.06(b) provides that “[e]lectronically filed exhibits may be filed with their associated pleading, motion, or document in the same PDF as long as size limits allow for it.” However, if the exhibits is filed separately from the associated pleading, the exhibit shall be filed with the DuPage Exhibit Cover Sheet, Form 4393.  You can click here to download the form.

We have been told that your filing may not be rejected if you file exhibits without the cover sheet if you have the Case Title and Case Number on the first page of the exhibit.  However, there is no guarantee that the clerk will accept the filing.

Accessing the DuPage County attorney portal

To obtain your Status, Diligence or Case Management Dates for your cases, you are required to access it through CRIS (Clerk Restricted Information System).  Click here to access the attorney portal.

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