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InfoTrack product news

How to eFile in 60 seconds or less

Want to eFile in less than a minute every time? InfoTrack can automatically fill out most of your filing information for you. Here’s how to set up for success.


How your back office technology affects your client experience

Your clients don’t know or care what kind of software you use, but your technology choices have a big impact on the client experience. Here’s how your back-office tools have a direct impact on your clients’ satisfaction.


How to create your law firm’s AI policy

Whether your firm is ready to embrace AI fully or you want to be cautious about adopting controversial tools, creating an AI policy for your law firm will keep everyone on the same page.


How (and why) to do a law firm tech audit

A law firm tech audit can tell you what tools are a waste of money, what you’re missing, and where you’re missing out. Here’s how to do one.

Professional growth

6 digital habits that make you look outdated

Did you know that the way you use technology can make you look outdated to potential clients? Avoid these 6 digital practices that can make you look out of touch with modern culture.

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