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New and improved electronic court filing in Florida

Are you still using the state portal to file into Florida courts?

Up until now, that might have seemed like the obvious and only choice. But with the advent of a comprehensive eFiling option that has all the capabilities that you are used to plus a host of additional features, that is about to change.

InfoTrack is excited to announce some of our newest improvements to eFiling in Florida that will shift how busy Florida law firms will approach eFiling, for good.

See a quick comparison of how InfoTrack stacks up to the Florida portal.

eFiling in Florida has just gotten an upgrade

After extensive research, customer interviews, custom development, and more, InfoTrack has made some major improvements to our electronic court filing solution in Florida.

eFiling is not a new concept in Florida. Originally introduced in 2011, the Florida Portal was the only way to submit filings for many years. And, as with any tool that has no alternative, there hasn’t been a lot of innovation since.

The good news is that, once the state began allowing certified third-party vendors to connect to its portal, new opportunities arose for Florida law firms.

No other third-party eFiling provider has come close, however, to providing the array of features and products, comprehensive coverage, and integrations as InfoTrack has introduced. And if you haven’t yet heard about what some of these upgrades mean for your filing process, let’s dive in.

Enhanced connection with the Florida Portal

InfoTrack has been a certified third-party vendor in Florida since 2021. Beyond offering that secure connection, we wanted to increase visibility, too. Now, any documents filed with InfoTrack are also visible in the state’s portal, ensuring consistent visibility into your firm’s activity.

Condensed filing path

One of InfoTrack’s hallmark differentiators is our ability to condense and streamline data entry fields to be visible all on one page and quick and simple to fill out. We’ve applied that same principle in Florida, listing all the required information for your local county in a more accessible and digestible format. Read more.

Accepted documents return from the court

This is a big one.

Typically, when eFiling in Florida using the state portal, you’ll get your documents back from the court via email. Sometimes these messages get lost in the shuffle or the links expire before you have time to save the conformed copies.

Now, your documents will be available both within your InfoTrack account and in the related matter in your case management system. No more chasing down emails and hoping the links are still good.

Note: While we are increasing coverage all the time, documents that are currently not returned through the eFiling portal cannot be provided by InfoTrack.  You may be able to retrieve these documents from the county’s Register of Actions directly.

Send eService on all filings

We have updated our eService capabilities to enable eService on both case initiation and subsequent filing orders. You can also manage and remove service contacts from within InfoTrack as you place your filing. Learn more.

File proposed orders

Given that proposed orders need to be filed with the court in an editable format, this new feature provides filers access to that particular document type with the assurance that it won’t be converted to PDF automatically (another feature valuable for other filing types in InfoTrack.)

Note: Not all counties accept eFiled proposed orders at this time. This feature is available through InfoTrack for all counties that have enabled it.

How does InfoTrack compare to the Florida Portal now?

As a certified third-party vendor for eFiling in Florida, InfoTrack has all the required data fields and a secure connection to the traditional portal. InfoTrack is the only third-party vendor to offer both case initiations and subsequent filings or to deliver court-returned documents to both your InfoTrack account and the relevant matter in your case management system.

But those are only a few of our notable features. Take a look at what InfoTrack offers above and beyond the Florida Portal.

Ready to learn more? Let’s get you scheduled for a personalized demo so your team can see what’s possible with upgraded eFiling.

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