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5 reasons to serve through your case management system

Ordering service of process for case initiating documents and beyond can be a step outside your normal tools and day to day processes, or it can be a simple action from a system where you already spend your time. 

Enabling the capability to serve process papers to your existing practice management system allows you to more easily dispatch documents to parties and move your case along more quickly. 

Here are some specific ways you’ll see immediate benefits when you start serving through your case management system.   

Minimal data entry 

The legal industry is an incredibly data-heavy space, where information is typed and re-typed between systems over and over again. The prospect of decreasing the amount of manual data entry for a more seamless passage of data is appealing to many professionals.  

When serving summons, subpoenas, and more through your case management system, the information is pulled from the matter itself, where you’ve already painstakingly inputted it, saving you precious time. 

Verified data 

Service of process gives the judge jurisdiction over the parties to your case, a critical step in ensuring a smooth start to your case. That makes every piece of information pertaining to the serve recipient and your case extremely important. 

By pulling data straight from your matter,  the risk of typos and errors from manual data entry is completely removed. You can be sure that the details entered match the information you have already verified in your case management system. 

Auto-populated affidavit of service

When the skilled professional process server from our vetted network is assigned to your case, they will take it all the way through to the end. This means generating an up-to-date proof of service along with all applicable description of due diligence. All shared in the format required by the state the case is located in while adhering to state and local rules. 

Documents synced to your matter

You’ll never have to wonder where that filed-endorsed copy of a document iswhen you serve from your case management system. All documents are automatically synced to your matter, including court-returned documents and affidavits of service from the servers themselves. 

Then you’re only one click away from filing that proof with the court.  

Expenses automatically logged

Court fees, filing charges, server costs, and more will all be automatically tracked, saved, and synced to the billing section of your case management system. 

Serving from your matter means one less third-party system to log into each day and one less step to take to file the documents before and after each serve. You get the benefit of streamlining your processes, increased data accuracy, and saving yourself time. What’s not to love? 

See for yourself how easy it is to start serving right from your matter in these quick demos:  

Video: How to order process serving from Smokeball

Process serving from Smokeball

Video: How to order process serving from Clio


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