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Why one of Silicon Valley’s premier internet law firms relies on InfoTrack for service of process on the titans of tech  


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As Silicon Valley’s premier internet law firm, Kronenberger Rosenfeld litigates at the nexus of technology and the law. Given this expertise, it’s no surprise that the firm equips itself with technology that helps it gain an edge on opposing counsel. 

Paralegal Leah Vulic has been with the firm for 11 years, overseeing the firm’s implementation of several automation processes from within its practice management software, Clio Manage.  

Before her firm switched, they had relied on InfoTrack’s One Legal brand for much of their California eFiling and process serving. But when Vulic learned that the same company offered an integrated solution that could automatically record order expenses to each matter in Clio Manage, she decided to sit in on a demo. 

“Automatic billing was what really drew me to [InfoTrack],” Vulic said. “The fact that order expenses automatically go to your client that you’re working on.” 

To simplify their workflows, Vulic’s firm soon took advantage of the ability to manage and expense eFiling and service of process orders in one convenient place. 

Leah Vulic

Leah Vulic
Law Clerk

For immediate service

Because Kronenberger Rosenfeld must frequently serve technology companies, they are most often delivering the papers to a CSC or CT Corp address in downtown San Francisco. And because it’s often strategically important for the firm to serve papers to opposing counsel as close to the deadlines as possible, they frequently rely on one-day service from InfoTrack to get the job done quickly.

“We know that InfoTrack goes out [to the CSC/CT addresses] twice a day,” Vulic said. “It’s really fast, it’s really cheap, and it’s just it’s super easy.”

But choosing to run down the clock down means there’s very little room for uncertainty. If there’s an issue, Vulic explained, the firm needs help immediately.

Getting status updates in InfoTrack keeps the firm in the loop if something doesn’t go according to plan with their serve. Notification emails go out immediately to all the paralegals, “so we don’t have to keep [our own] list of to-dos,” Vulic said.

InfoTrack customer support has always been very responsive. I’ve used them on the phone, I’ve used the chat function, email, pretty much everything… it’s been good.”


Zero client billing mixups for litigation order expenses

By automatically recording all court filing and process serving expenses to the correct matter, InfoTrack has eliminated incidents of Kronenberger Rosenfeld accidentally issuing a bill to the wrong client.

It's really fast, it's really cheap, and it's just really easy... [InfoTrack] makes people's lives easier.

Staying connected

Vulic said InfoTrack’s detailed notifications are helpful throughout the entire litigation process.

“I notice sometimes when my colleagues place orders through [other platforms], we’ll get an email that just says your order status has been updated.” Then, filers have to click through and log in to their accounts to see what the update is.

With InfoTrack, Vulic said, all the critical information is conveniently provided in the email itself.

“InfoTrack sends back the file-stamped complaint, but also everything that the court provides, like the ADR (alternative dispute resolution) information, notice of case management conference, and notice of assignment.” Vulic said the streamlined experience of filing and serving in one motion, with party information pre-filled from the case record, saves the firm time and limits the chance of a mix-up.

“[The email] asks, ‘Which documents do you want to include?’ And then we can update it and then it does the process serving order right away, without having to start anew.”

Billing it through

Like many firms, Vulic said Kronenberger Rosenfeld bills clients at the end of the month for expenses like court filing, payment processing and service order fees. Prior to adopting InfoTrack, the firm would occasionally mix up order and case numbers and accidentally bill the wrong client.

But with InfoTrack, Vulic’s practice manager no longer has a laundry list of accounting tasks to complete every four to five weeks.  

“[She] doesn’t have to go through a bunch of different invoices with different order numbers and try to match them up with the case, client and what the order was for,“ Vulic said. Expenses are recorded to the Activities tab automatically, where they can be easily passed through to the final invoice.

Vulic says the simplicity InfoTrack has brought to Kronenberger Rosenfeld’s litigation processes is a reason she tries to use it whenever possible.

“It just makes people’s lives easier.”

InfoTrack customer support has always been very responsive.

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