eFiling integration for Time Matters® users

File, serve, and sign cases and automatically track related documents and expenses—all in one place.


Faster filing and serving

Court filing information pre-populates from your Time Matters® account. Add and track orders from your favorite process servers.


Better case organization

Documents can be selected directly from your matter. Court-endorsed copies sync to your account as soon as they're available.


Expensed filing costs

All order costs are recorded in Time Matters®, eliminating accounting work while seamlessly passing through filing expenses.

How it works


Choose your documents for filing


Automatically receive file-stamped copies


Filing expenses update in Time Matters®



An overview of the services available when adding InfoTrack to your Time Matters® account. Including key features, pricing, and more.

Product demo

Watch a short demonstration of how eFiling works when using the InfoTrack integration with Time Matters®.

Product demo

Once your firm is ready to go, get started with this Time Matters® user’s guide to smooth submission of electronic court filings, service of process, and more.

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