eFiling integration for Clio Manage users

File and serve court documents and automatically track expenses, all from your Clio matter.


Faster filing and serving

Court filing and service information pre-populates from your Clio matter. Add and track serves via private process servers.


Better case organization

Documents can be selected directly from your Clio matter, and court-endorsed copies sync back to your matter as soon as they're available.


Automatically expensed filing costs

All court filing expenses are recorded on the Activities tab as they happen. Transactional pricing makes it easy to bill 100% of the cost to your client.

Expanded capabilities

Electronic signatures

Add SignIT integration—powered by DocuSign—to mark and distribute documents for electronic signature without paying a costly subscription.


Rules-based calendaring

Quickly add jurisdiction-specific events to your calendar, and associate them with a specific case and matter via our integration with LawToolBox.

Court searching

Search federal and bankruptcy courts in all 50 U.S. states, track docket updates and receive real-time alerts on any new court activity.

Clio document selection
Select documents to be filed or served directly from your matter, or upload from your computer. Documents are converted to court-acceptable PDF automatically.

How it works


Choose your documents for filing

Select documents directly from your Clio matter or your computer. Information saved to your matter is automatically pre-filled.

Clio choose documents


Automatically receive file-stamped copies

Once documents are returned from the court, file-stamped copies are downloaded back to your Clio account automatically.

Clio sync documents


Filing expenses update in Clio Manage

Expenses are automatically captured on the Activities tab, and appear immediately on your invoices. All the accounting is done for you.



Learn the key benefits of our Clio Manage integration, where it can be used for eFiling and which additional services are available.


Watch a short demonstration of how eFiling works when using the InfoTrack integration with Clio Manage.


Watch a short demonstration of how you can order service of process straight from your Clio matter.

User success stories

Christy Granieri left her old firm to start a more efficient, flexible practice. Learn how InfoTrack ties it all together.

Discover how Leah Vulic’s high-tech firm litigates more efficiently with InfoTrack’s integrated court filing and process serving.

“InfoTrack made eFiling much easier for me. I no longer need to add expenses to Clio as they accrue.”

Jeremy Dvorak

Legal Assistant, Costanzo Law Firm

“Great app! Easy to use…all the information transfers back to Clio automatically.”

Gosia Bursakowska

Administrator, Bellas & Wachowski

“Our filings come back in record time. I haven’t been this happy with an eFiling portal in a long time.”

Sarena Quintanilla

Litigation Paralegal, Gostanian Law Group, PC

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