Georgia Courts Embrace InfoTrack’s Innovative Solution for Enhanced Access to Case Information

In a groundbreaking move towards transparency and efficiency, the Clerk in Cherokee Superior Court in Georgia has partnered with InfoTrack to encourage the use of cutting-edge DocketSync product. Recognizing the need for streamlined processes and improved convenience for legal professionals, the court is confirming a commitment to enhanced access to court case information.

Traditionally, legal professionals have had to repeatedly check court websites to ensure they have the latest information from the docket, leading to significant time and resource bottlenecks. The introduction of DocketSync by InfoTrack addresses this challenge head-on, providing an innovative solution that benefits both legal practitioners and the courts themselves.

InfoTrack’s DocketSync automatically checks the courts’ docket for changes to any given case, then syncs all documents straight to the related matter in the firm’s case or document management system. This saves valuable time for legal professionals while also significantly enhancing their ability to provide timely and accurate counsel to their clients.

In addition, DocketSync offers substantial advantages to the courts by reducing the overall traffic to their websites and decreasing the number of inquiries and calls to the court to check on the status of a case. This more efficient and responsive online infrastructure allows court staff to focus on essential tasks and provide improved service to the public.

“As we embrace new technology in our office, let’s remember that innovation is not just about the tools we use but the transformative impact they have on our workflow. We are always ready to navigate this digital frontier together, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and the overall experience for both our team and our clients.”

Georgia Courts are excited about the positive impact DocketSync will have on the legal community and the efficiency of court operations. This collaboration with InfoTrack marks a significant step forward in leveraging technology to enhance the accessibility of court case information. The courts remain dedicated to embracing innovative solutions that improve the overall experience for legal professionals and the public alike.