eFiling integration for Time Matters®


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By integrating your Time Matters® law practice management software with InfoTrack, you can eFile cases directly from Time Matters® and automatically track related documents and expenses in one place.

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Key benefits


Fast, accurate eFiling

eFile directly from the Time Matters® document screen, with key fields pre-filled and your document already attached.


Easy document management

Court-returned documents and filing histories are automatically saved back into Time Matters®, maintaining a central location for all your client information.


Automatic expensing of filing costs

All filing disbursements are recorded in Time Matters®, eliminating manual accounting work and allowing you to seamlessly pass through filing expenses.



How it works

Choose the documents you want to file

eFile documents directly from the Time Matters® document screen, reducing the risk of mistakes. Information automatically maps from Time Matters® into corresponding filing fields.

Time Matters eFiling

Automatically receive file-stamped copies

As soon as conformed copies are issued by the court, your stamped documents are automatically saved back to Time Matters® so you don't have to retrieve them.

Time Matters document sync

Filing expenses are updated in Time Matters®

Filing fees sync automatically to the document record and Billing tab in Time Matters®, and appear immediately on your invoices. You'll never miss a cost recovery again.

Time Matters expense sync


Get started

Activating your integration is free. Book a demo below, and start eFiling from Time Matters® today.