E-Filing in Illinois Courts

Are you confused and/or overwhelmed by the new court filing requirements in Illinois? With InfoTrack it’s fast and easy to file all your firm’s cases. InfoTrack allows lawyers to file instantly with any court that has gone live with the Odyssey system.

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E-Filing Features in Illinois

  • Automatic PDF Conversion
  • Billing Reconciliation Reports
  • Advanced Reporting
  • Live Phone Support
  • Free Training with our Client Support Team
  • Integration with case management system


Integrated E-Filing Solutions with Case Management Systems

One of the premier aspects of filing with InfoTrack is its ability to integrate with your law firm’s case management systems (CMS). When using InfoTrack’s CMS integration, e-Filing becomes even easier with:

  • Auto-population of text fields. Text fields, such as party information, will be automatically populated with information from the matter you’re working in, eliminating redundant data entry.
  • Document Storage. InfoTrack will save and send a copy of any filing directly to the requisite matter within your CMS.
  • Cost Tracking. InfoTrack stores all costs accrued from your court filings in the requisite matter; allowing for simple reconciliation.


How Much Does E-Filing Cost?

InfoTrack’s cost structure is based on what level of filing your firm uses. The structure is as follows:

  • From now until March 1st, filing with InfoTrack is free for all users.
  • After March 1st, filing will be free in perpetuity for all website users.
  • All filings performed after March 1st via InfoTrack’s CMS integration will cost $3 due to the aforementioned advanced features available to these users.


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