Court Filing Services

Electronic court filing is a fast-growing phenomenon in the United States that many states are now making mandatory at all levels. Some firms and attorneys are understandably frustrated as they’re being asked to perform and file essential legal work in a manner that is completely foreign to what they’ve done their whole careers. While this can be daunting, there’s good news: InfoTrack will soon be launching electronic court filing directly through our platform.


Where is Court Filing Available Through InfoTrack

InfoTrack will soon be launching Court Filing in Illinois for every court where electronic filing is required. We expect to offer electronic filing in New York and New Jersey shortly after launching in Illinois. We’ll gradually add additional states as time goes on and hope to offer electronic court filing solutions to the entire country.


What is the Price of Court Filing Through InfoTrack?

Type of Info Track Customer


Integrated Through a CMS

Free until March 1, after which it will be $3 per filing

Website User

Filing directly through the website is currently free



How Will Electronic Court Filing Work Through InfoTrack

You and your firm will be able to file any court document directly through InfoTrack. All you need to do is upload your document through our website and we’ll handle the rest. As with the rest of our platform, use of our court filing capabilities are available subscription-free; all charges are accrued on a transactional basis.

Court Filing with InfoTrack is even easier if your firm uses a Case Management System (CMS). We can integrate our platform directly into most CMS, making the process of filing considerably easier. Here’s what this means for you and your firm:

  • You can file documents in the requisite court from directly within the matter you’re working in
  • All forms you file are saved directly within the matter you were working in
  • All expenses associated with Court Filing are returned directly within the matter, allowing your firm to easily return costs to your clients.


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