Company Search

As an approved Dun & Bradstreet broker, InfoTrack provide a range of corporate searches. Conducting a Company, Legal or Compliance search on a company name or using a DUNS number will instantly return detailed real-time information to assist you with analyzing creditworthiness, a company's reliability and its value.

if you're interested in performing subscription-free Dun & Bradstreet searches with InfoTrack, give us a call at (844) 340-3096 or sign-up for a free demo online. 


Available Company Reports:

  • Business Background Report
  • Business Information Report
  • Comprehensive Report
  • Company News Report
  • Corporate Linkage Report
  • Enhanced Corporate Linkage Report


Available Legal Reports:

  • Filings by Name
  • UCC Filing Records
  • Suits/Liens/Judgements/Bankruptcies


Available Compliance Reports

  • Ownership Verification Report
  • USA Patriot Act Report

When ordering the D&B Corporate Linkage Report you will have the ability to use InfoTrack's free visualization tool REVEAL to easily identify and on-search related companies.