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Products & Services

Products and services Solutions that help you simplify your legal and business processes. Court services Litigate more effectively by searching and syncing court records, ordering rules-based calendar events and service of

Real Estate Services

Real estate services Simplify your real estate research and tasks with access to data, reports, and tools, all in one place. real-estate-sign-house-sold1 1099-S filing File at the time of your

Court Services

Solutions for law firms Litigation tools that seamlessly integrate with legal case management systems. official-building-3 Court filing Electronically file across 8 states and physically file in California courts where required.

Terms & Conditions

Terms of service Updated March 1, 2021 Table of Contents 1. Introduction 1.1. InfoTrack US Inc., a Delaware Corporation (“InfoTrack”) appreciates the opportunity to serve your litigation support needs under the terms and