InfoTrack is a collection of legal productivity tools that works with software your firm already uses.

Connecting InfoTrack to your case management system (CMS) allows you to add court filing, signing and digital records search capabilities. It also harnesses your existing data to automate tedious tasks that would otherwise have to be done by hand.

Key benefits


Pre-filled forms

When performing a search or filing, InfoTrack pre-fills required fields with information stored in your CMS’s matter record. This reduces data entry and the risk of typos.

Document syncing

Smart document management

Documents ordered and downloaded via InfoTrack are automatically saved back into the matter record in your CRM—including court-returned copies.

Expense tracking

Easy expense tracking

InfoTrack syncs all order expenses to the billing and invoicing functions in your CMS, automatically handling the accounting work for you and your clients.

Which softwares does InfoTrack integrate with?

InfoTrack integrations

Our current list of CMS integration partners can be viewed here. If your CMS is not yet on the list, please contact us with details.

How do I use InfoTrack services in my CMS?

After connecting InfoTrack to your case management system, simply: 


Open the relevant matter or document.


Click the InfoTrack tab or launch button.


Start your order.

How much does it cost to integrate?

InfoTrack charges only per transaction, with zero subscription or setup fees. This “pass-through” model allows many firms to achieve significant efficiency gains while absorbing none of the cost.