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eFiling for Maryland courts

InfoTrack integrates with popular case management systems to automate key aspects of civil case filing in Maryland.

InfoTrack is a state-certified eFiling service provider, and can be used to file in any MDEC eFiling court.


Key benefits


Faster court filing and process service


Automated document management


Automatic expensing of filing costs



Discover the power of integration

eFiling with the power of integration allows you to eFile in seconds, automatically save file stamped documents, and track all court fees. Not only do you save time, but you minimize risks of mistakes in eFiling, such as filing the wrong document or into the wrong case.

InfoTrack integrations

Features include

Automatic PDF conversion

Documents are automatically compressed and converted to the court's accepted format. No need for third-party PDF software.

Auto-populating text fields

Key fields are automatically populated with information from the matter you’re working in, eliminating redundant data entry.

Documents sync to your CMS

Court-stamped copies of your filing automatically save back to the relevant matter in your compatible case management system.

Automatic expense tracking

InfoTrack stores all costs accrued from your court filings in the relevant matter, allowing for simple reconciliation.

Process serving

Built-in process serving

Add and track private process serving, and file a pre-populated affidavit of service when it's complete. 

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