What Does That Status Mean?

 Are you wondering what the different status message means while you are waiting for the filing to get accepted? Below is a list of status messages and their definition in the eFileIL system. These status messages are set by the eFileIL system and not controlled by the electronic filing service providers (EFSP). If you have any questions, please call us at (844) 340-3096 or email helpdesk@infotrack.com.




The filer has entered full or partial filing data, but has not yet submitted the filing.


The filer has submitted the filing, but the document file format and payment information have not been verified on the back end.


The document file format and payment information have been verified and accepted, but the filing has not yet entered the Review Queue/Workflow Process.

Court Processing

Some additional action needs to be taken by the court.

Under Review

A clerk reviewer has selected a filing from a queue.
Note: Once a filing reaches the Under Review status, it cannot return to the Submitted status. Selecting the End Review retains the Under Review status and returns the filing to the queue.


The filing has been acknowledged by the court as received, but it is not being transmitted to the case management system to become part of the court record. The filing may or may not be part of the proposed order work flow.


The reviewer has reviewed the filing and accepted it.


The reviewer has reviewed the filing and rejected it.


The reviewer has reviewed and returned the filing as additional action must be taken by the filer.
Note: The filer can cancel or copy a filing in the Returned status.


Service Only filings are completed.

Service Incomplete (Service Only filings)

One or more servings failed; the service was incomplete.
Example: The email or domain was rejected.


The filer has canceled the filing. The filer can only cancel draft and submitted filings.

Submission Failed

A file format or billing error has occurred when the filer submitted the filing. Failure specifics are available on the Details page, and the filer is notified of specifics through email.


Questions? Call us at (844) 340-3096 or email us a helpdesk@infotrack.com.