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San Diego County court filing

InfoTrack simplifies the civil case filing process by integrating with popular case management software like Clio, LEAP, Smokeball, Time Matters and others.

InfoTrack's easy, online ordering process can be used to file documents for any case type in San Diego County Superior Court, including Family, Small Claims and document types that typically cannot be eFiled.

California court filing coverage - InfoTrack

Key benefits


File online across California

Use the same, simple online workflow to file in all 58 California superior courts.


Auto-expense all filing costs

No subscription or setup fees and automatic expense tracking make it simple to invoice 100% of your court filing expenses to your client.


Automatic document management

Documents can be chosen for filing directly from your CMS, and court-stamped copies return effortlessly to your matter.


Discover the power of integration

Integrating InfoTrack with your CMS allows you to file documents to the court in seconds and automatically track endorsed documents and filing expenses. Our automated workflow also minimizes risks of mistakes in eFiling, such as filing the wrong document or into the wrong case.

InfoTrack integrations

Features include

Total court coverage

Whether your court accepts electronic or paper filings, InfoTrack offers one simple, online workflow for filing the necessary documents.

Automatic PDF conversion

Documents are automatically compressed and converted to the court's accepted format. No need for third-party PDF software.

Auto-populating text fields

Key fields are automatically populated with matter information from your CMS, eliminating redundant data entry.


Documents sync to your CMS

Court-stamped copies of your filing automatically save back to the relevant matter in your compatible case management system.

Automatic expense tracking

InfoTrack logs all costs accrued from your court filings in the relevant matter, allowing for simple reconciliation.


Process serving

Built-in process serving

Add and track private process serving, and file a pre-populated affidavit of service when it's complete. 




Available for all case types except Family and Small Claims.




For documents and case types exempt from eFiling. Additional fees may apply for 15+ pages and remote areas.




Additional fees may apply for rush service and remote areas.


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