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InfoTrack product news

The 6 best integrations for Smokeball

Do you use Smokeball to manage your practice? Check out these top Smokeball integrations to get even more power out of your practice management tool.

InfoTrack product news

The 6 best LEAP integrations for growing law firms

You love LEAP, but did you know it could be doing even more for your firm? Check out these top LEAP integrations to get more out of your practice management tool.

how to work with legal clients who google everything

How to work with clients who Google everything

So, your legal client gets just as much advice from Google as they do from you. How do you deal? Here are some strategies to manage the client that Googles everything.

smartphone skills for legal professionals

Smartphone skills for legal professionals

Smartphones are everywhere, and it’s wise for those in the legal industry to learn to use them effectively. Explore these top 5 smartphone skills for legal professionals.

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