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How to prepare for a Zoom hearing

As U.S. courts explore ways to reduce foot traffic during a global public health crisis, they are adapting to the use of videoconferencing at breakneck

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Order service of process seamlessly from InfoTrack

With InfoTrack, you can order service of process right from your accepted filing and have your file-stamped documents automatically sent to the process server.

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Tips for eFiling in DuPage County

On July 1, 2019, DuPage County will be part of the unified Illinois electronic filing platform. With DuPage County coming live onto the unified eFiling

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Automatic notice of filing

With InfoTrack, you’ll now be able to have your Notice of Filing automatically created for you! InfoTrack will automatically create your case caption, populate your

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How to search using Cook County case numbers

When searching Cook County cases to file into an existing case, you must follow the specific case number format provided by the eFileIL system. You

Court news & updates

3 tips on Illinois eService

Did you know that the Illinois Supreme Court amended Rule 11 stating that “documents shall be served electronically”?  What does this mean for you? In