SignIT - Electronic Signatures

Faster and More Efficient Digital Signing

One of the larger hassles a law firm faces is getting multiple parties in different locations or time zones to sign a document in a reasonable period of time. Such a hassle increases exponentially when a contract or document must be mailed or scanned and faxed to different locations. At InfoTrack, we’ve made a commitment to creating a more streamlined workflow for law firms. Consequently, to address the issues inherent with document signing, we’ve partnered with trusted industry expert DocuSign to create SignIT.

SignIt allows for the seamless digital signing of any document by multiple parties. With SignIT, you can now upload any document and send it to parties via a secure email link. Parties can then review and sign the document online from any location, including from a mobile phone or tablet. You can track who has signed the document on the SignIT dashboard and once all parties have executed, everyone receives a final signed copy.

Using SignIt will save your firm time by providing faster execution of documents and avoiding the hassle of printing, scanning and posting. Furthermore, SignIT has no international restrictions, allowing you to instantly execute contracts and signatures of other documents instantaneously from opposite sides of the world.

Tired of the same old tedious process of physically signing documents and faxing it around to numerous different people? If so, SignIT is perfect for your firm. For a free demo to see how SignIT can expedite your firm's document signing, give us a call at (844)340-3096 or contact us online.


CMS Integration with SignIT

InfoTrack integrates into numerous case management systems (CMS). SignIT can be used through most CMS that integrate with InfoTrack. You simply need to upload the document from the requisite matter and set up the document to be signed from there.


How SignIT Works

Benefits to your business:

  • Easy execution of documents with no need for printing, scanning or postage to complete the transaction. 
  • Easy-to-use drag and drop functionality for adding signing tags into any document.
  • Full transparency and control of the signing process through the SignIT dashboard.
  • Automatic notification once the document is executed, with all parties receiving a copy of the signed and dated document via email.
  • Secure eSignature tracked by the latest technology with a DocuSign audit trail report provided post transaction

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