Attorney Property Research with InfoTrack

 Does your firm deal with many easement and boundary disputes? Are you and your partners regularly required to perform searches for deeds, voluntary and involuntary liens, encumbrance and other types of property research?  If so, InfoTrack can fill most of your research needs from just one window. At InfoTrack, we partner with RedVision to bring an eclectic set of property research tools to our legal ecosystem. Now, in addition to performing your other legal searching, filing and signing through InfoTrack, you can fill most of your property research needs.

Does your firm handle numerous cases that require property research? If so, InfoTrack’s subscription-free service can fill your firm’s searching needs. To learn more about InfoTrack’s property search capabilities, give us a call at (844) 340-3096 or click here to sign-up for a free demo.


Property Searches Available Through InfoTrack

Through our partnership with RedVision, we offer numerous mortgage and chain of title-related searches. These searches include but are not limited to:

  • APN/Tax identification number for subject properties
  • Marriage licenses, divorces, death certificates and or probate records needed to complete chain of title
  • Open voluntary liens
  • Current tax information on subject properties
  • Delinquent tax information for subject properties
  • Refinance searches
  • Open involuntary liens
  • Owner encumbrances
  • Bankruptcy name searches through PACER
  • Listing of recorded easements, restrictions and covenants on subject properties when found during the scope of searching


Integrated Searching

One of the premiere benefits of performing your firm's title searches through InfoTrack is our integrated searching. We integrate into most Case Management Systems (CMS), meaning you can perform the searches and acquire the reports you need directly through a tab in your CMS. Here’s what this means for your firm:

  • When performing text fields for title searches and other reports will populate directly from the matter you're working in
  • All forms will save directly back into the matter you’ve worked in
  • InfoTrack seamlessly tracks expenses and saves them in the matter you've worked in, significantly simplifying the reconciliation process


InfoTrack’s Property Research Offerings are a Frequently Updating Repository

At InfoTrack, we consider ourselves a legal ecosystem. Our ultimate-goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all your property research needs. To do this, we frequently update our repository of offerings with new functions and searches. Meaning, if you sign up for InfoTrack, you’ll have access to any-and-all property research tools we incorporate or develop the moment they launch.

If your firm frequently undertakes property searches, give us a call at (844) 340-3096 or contact us online. We’re happy to give you a free demo on how InfoTrack can expedite most of your property research.