Electronic Filing

Fast, Simple and Easy Filing Solutions

Document filing is among the most time consuming and frustrating tasks a law firm must undertake. The hours spent manually filling out documents to file are not only tedious, but also take away from vital hours that could be spent working on billable matters. At InfoTrack, our mission is to use our smart technology to improve the efficiency and productivity of law firms. Consequently, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to greatly simplify the process for filing documents. InfoTrack now offers electronic filing for certain types of documents. 

Using InfoTrack’s electronic filing capabilities, you will be removing much of what makes the process arduous for you and your firm today:

  • You can fill out and file documents directly through InfoTrack’s website online.
  • Complete Accuracy. Filing through InfoTrack ensures that your documents are filled out accurately. Our seamless online platform requires all fields to be filled out prior to submission; removing much of the risk posed by human error.


Electronically File Through Your Case Management System

InfoTrack integrates into numerous case management systems. Should you use a CMS we partner with, you can perform your electronic filings directly through the relevant matter. The benefits of filing through your CMS include but are not limited to:

  • No need to re-enter data. InfoTrack will automatically populate all applicable fields using the information already available through the requisite matter.
  • Expense Tracking. InfoTrack tracks all of your expenses and returns them to your CMS, allowing for easy cost reconciliation.

    Are you interested in the electronic filing with InfoTrack? If so, give us a call at (844) 340-3096 or contact us online for a free demo.