DocketSync connects directly to New York and New Jersey state courts, synchronizing the latest court details, case parties and documents to your LEAP practice management software.

With this InfoTrack feature activated, you can avoid the never-ending task of manually copying and downloading updated information from online docket portals.



Eliminates constant, tedious data entry

Tired of downloading, renaming and cataloging newly updated documents from NYSCEF and eCourts? DocketSync regularly populates your matter with fresh information from the docket.


Organizes your matter automatically

Documents filed into each case are automatically organized in your LEAP correspondence records. Court-returned documents come back as date-stamped PDFs.


Minimizes your risk

Synchronize docket updates all at once, or with granular control that helps you catch bad data.


Where can I use Docket Sync?

DocketSync is currently available for state courts in New Jersey and New York via our integrated case management partner, LEAP. Additional states coming soon.


Without DocketSync

Docket Sync

New case information—including party details—must be copied and pasted from the NYSCEF (New York) or eCourts (New Jersey) website into your LEAP record.


With DocketSync

Docket Sync

New case information is synchronized automatically from NYSCEF or eCourts to the associated LEAP matter. 


Without DocketSync

Docket Sync

New documents must be downloaded individually from the court website, then renamed and saved back to the correct matter and folder in LEAP. 


With DocketSync

Docket Sync 

DocketSync automatically downloads, properly names and organizes court-returned documents in your LEAP matter as soon as they become available.


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