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Court searching and tracking

InfoTrack users enjoy a one-stop shop for searching and tracking court dockets.

From our platform, users can search federal and bankruptcy courts in all 50 U.S. states to gain a competitive and strategic advantage. 

InfoTrack eliminates time wasted on manual docket searches. Users can track docket updates and receive real-time alerts on any new court activity, with the filed documents attached.

Key benefits

  • Search millions of lawsuits across the US and live direct with the courts.
  • Track your cases in real-time from anywhere and receive alerts on any new court activity.
  • Advanced search function to find dockets faster.
  • Analyze case outcomes and gain a competitive advantage.
  • CMS integration sends alerts and results back to your matter automatically.

We have partnered with the industry experts at Docket Alarm to ensure optimal searching and tracking results.



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